Originally born in Chicago, IL in 1995 and raised in Tempe, AZ since I was about 5 I grew up in Mexican household and found myself interested in drawing ever since my early childhood.  Its hard to say exactly what got me interested in it but I know as soon as I started I was completely hooked and determined to go into a career in animation by Junior High.  When I got online I started using the alias "Neon Yo" as a means to protect my identity and have since grown fairly attached to the name as well as my online avatar which have both stuck with me to this day.  I mainly use Photoshop for my work but an also proficient in Illustrator and Flash while also dabling into other things like Dreamweaver, Lightroom and  After Effects as well.  I've currently completed my Associates Degree in Digital Illustration and have moved on to creating my own online webcomics with the hopes of working my way into the animation industry in time.


Artist's Statement

In my heart, I’m a storyteller who finds it difficult to communicate properly through words.  It’s been like this ever since I was very young with both writing and speaking alike; as a result I don’t really talk much unless I need to.  When I started drawing, it made transcribing my thoughts on things much easier than words ever could and now I use it as my personal way of telling stories in a way that others can finally understand me.  So at my center, my work is narrative-based; it’s about characters and the stories they go with. 

I am a digital artist who works mainly in illustration, hoping to find a career in the animation industry as a testament to what inspired me to draw in the first place but I also made a few original comics.  I’ve used the program Adobe Photoshop for a lot of my illustrations ever since I started art although I have become more accustomed to Adobe Illustrator in recent to create my original comics as well.  My style of artwork tends to vary from cute and colorfully vibrant, to the juxtaposition of dark and emotional; in a sense, an aesthetic of “pastel death grunge” some would say.  The complexity of combining these opposing themes might seem polarizing to some, however it does create a nice analogy of my own personal interests in art. 

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